Haute Review: The Loft in Wasl Vita Mall

This award-winning New York City-style salon has recently opened its doors in its new location in Dubai: Jumeirah’s Wasl Vita Mall. Offering a range of services, including hair styling and treatments, facial treatments, manicure, pedicure and body waxing, I decided to head over one weekend afternoon to try the services and receive some pampering.


The salon, which follows on from the chain’s popular spots in both The Dubai Mall, City Walk and Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi, boasts the same sleek and contemporary vibe as its other locations – soon to be joined by Bay Square in Dubai’s Business Bay area. While Wasl Vita is still very much in the form of a new building, with lots of store spaces still empty, The Loft is conveniently tucked away from the development towards the backside of the Mall. For a Saturday afternoon the salon wasn’t very busy – certainly a sign that it has recently opened. I breathed a sigh of relief at the thought that I wouldn’t have to wait for a specialist to slot me into their schedule – I was immediately whisked away by The Loft’s professional and delightful team for a mani and pedi.



The size of the salon is small and it can only take a few clients at a time, but this is made up for the welcoming and professional nature of staff. I was offered tea and snacks and reading material almost immediately and the mani and pedi was superb. About an hour into my treatment I noticed a few other clients arriving. They seemed to be regulars because the staff knew their names well. That’s a good sign for a salon that has just recently opened and is also located in an area that is still not yet highly frequented.

On for my other treatments, I requested waxing and once again found the staff to be highly skilled. What’s more is that the treatment rooms were well decorated in a contemporary yet welcoming manner. The space and its decor boasted that big city feel that one only gets in New York – the brick walls, the sharp and classy lines and the buzz of professionalism.


The last treatment on my list was the Anti-ageing facial. Using the renowned Babor skincare products (which I did not know about until I arrived at The Loft), my therapist proceeded with a facial that was said to relax and rejuvenate my skin. It certainly did. I came out with softer and more glowing skin. So happy I was that I inquired immediately about the Babor products and was given the Babor Anti-Ageing Triple Booster Fluid ampules to try. You take one ampule per day for seven days applying it around the neck and face area. The gel consistently provided great effects. After seven days my skin was tighter looking, less tired and more balanced – an excellent product to use for a quick reboot.

In all, my time at The Loft couldn’t have been more pleasant. While it is not a salon located at one of Dubai’s high-end luxury hotels, The Loft does what is needed in a quick and convenient way and within pleasant surroundings. It’s the ideal place to stop when you’re on the go and most importantly, the staff is lovely and highly professional and definitely worth a revisit.

The Loft is located at Wasl Vita Mall. Tel: +971 4343 9669