Haute 100 San Francisco: Apple CEO Tim Cook Announces Apple Watch

Tim Cook Discusses Apple Watch
Tim Cook Discusses Apple Watch

Apple CEO Tim Cook thinks that car keys are passé; the Apple watch will actually be able to replace them.

The watch is being designed specifically so you don’t have to walk around with clunky and cumbersome car keys around with you all day. Cook promises that the watch’s battery will be long-lasting and also that it’ll be easier to charge than an IPhone. Among its other capabilities, the Apple watch will also have use as a credit card.

Apple is also hard at work designing a self-driving electric automobile. Nothing will be left analog.

The Hyperlook Layout
The Hyperlook Layout

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop sounded like a fictional reality out of a Phillip K. Dick novel: a near supersonic transport system capable of sending passengers in vehicles levitating through tubes at unprecedented speeds.

Apparently, fiction is becoming reality. A full-scale version of the Hyperloop is getting its test track in California next year. The test track will use magnets and fans to push passenger pods through five miles of depressurized grounds at speeds of up to 200 MPH. Shorter and slower than Musk’s grand vision, the test track will validate the Hyperloop’s safety through trial and error.

Dirk Alhborn, Chief Executive of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, says: “This installation will allow us to demonstrate all systems on a full scale and immediately begin generating revenues for our shareholders through actual operations.”

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 3.56.25 PM
Stephen Curry and Obama

You know you made it when Obama invites you over for a tour; The Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry was invited to the White House and got the grand tour through all 18 acres of the glorious and historic house.

Curry was there to discuss his ongoing support of the battle against Malaria. The President’s Malaria Initiative coordinator Timothy Zeimer introduced Curry to a curious audience: “Steph Curry represents a unique part of the Malaria partnership,” said Zeimer, “When someone of his stature and reputation steps up, it not only articulates the problem of Malaria, it sends a resounding message.”

Gayle Smith, special assistant to the President, added to the introduction and offered some light humor: “He’s apparently a basketball player for the Golden State somethings, but I’d like to thank you for using your smarts and visibility to address this issue.”

Curry claimed he was nervous but you wouldn’t know it from his speech. He touched upon his travels to Tanzania to fight the vicious disease and also how the issue became important to him in the first place.
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