Haute 100 NYC: Zac Posen Joining Charles James’s Creative Team?

Zac Posen
Zac Posen

Harvey Weinstein bought British couture label Charles James last year with the hopes of revitalizing the fallen-out-of-fashion brand. Often known as “America’s First Couturier,” Charles James lost its presence with the mega rich and celebrities that once touted it.

It looks like Weinstein may have found his dream team to get the project off the ground: his wife and Marchesa designer Georgina Chapman and New York-based couture designer Zac Posen.

Though the Weinstein Company has remained mum about the decision to enlist Posen, we do know that his role will be that of something of a creative consultant. The Weinstein company had little to say about Posen’s enlisting: “Reports that Zac Posen has been chosen to join the creative team in relaunching the Charles James fashion brand are not confirmed. We have no further information at this time.”

One thing is for sure, if Posen’s enlisting is true, he will bring much fanfare to the brand; mega-celebrities like Rihanna are avowed fans of his work.

Jeff Koons, 'Baloon Flower (Red)'
Jeff Koons, ‘Baloon Flower (Red)’

Those who love Jeff Koons’s massive stone sculptures can rejoice: the mega-rich artist just tripled the production capacity of his advanced technology stone workshop. Opened in 2012, the Antiquiy Stone employs dozens of skilled workers laboring to advance the expansive worldview of Mr. Koons.

According to this report, this bit of news might mean that Koons is looking to create a lot more public art. Those who have seen Koons’ public art know that’s a good thing. Most recently, Koons was commissioned by the Sacramento Kings to create a sculpture that represented a child’s fascination with the world. Some people, particularly Sacramento-based artists like David Garibaldi, are furious that an out-of-state artist like Jeff Koons was paid $8 million to do something on Sacramento grounds.

Either way, the era of Koons shows no signs of slowing down.

David Tepper
David Tepper

Haute 100 New York hedge fund manager David Tepper is, according to Forbes, the richest man living in New Jersey. His net worth of $10.1 billion lands the 57-year-old in a tie for the 121st richest person on the planet. Tepper made his [monumental] fortune when he co-founded Appaloosa Management in 1993.
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