Cities Boutique Presents ‘The Art of Nature and the Art of Man’ Exhibition

Popular art and design boutique Cities has announced its participation in Design Days 2015 with an exhibition portraying the art of nature and the art of man, and how these two forces interact when wood is used as a chief material for creation.

Duffy London, Abyss Table, high grade wood from Forest Stewardship Council managed forests and other controlled sources, glass, (L) 160cm (W) 80cm (H) 46cm, 2014, photo courtesy of Duffy London

With its versatility, beauty and natural texture, wood is art created by nature, yet placed in the hands of an artist, it can also become a tool of creation.  Each piece portrays a different interpretation of the medium and highlights the high quality craftsmanship and innovation of the designers.

Features of the collection include limited edition pieces like the Abyss Table by Christopher Duffy of the United Kingdom, the Konsair Desk by Rüdiger Weidemann of Germany, the Wings of Life Millenial Console by Spanish designer Maximo Riera, and a chaise longue by Olivier and Jean-Benoit Biscarrat of France.

Sourced from all around the world, each piece within the Cities’ collection is handpicked from a variety of International and Middle Eastern talents.  Artisans and renowned designers from all across the globe choose Cities as an arena to display and share their authentic creations.  Cities also works hand-in-hand with many upcoming artists from the Middle East and Gulf regions to highlight their contributions to the field of art and design.

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