’90s Throwback Workouts To Spice Up Your Gym Routine

From flannel shirts to choker necklaces, the ’90s are back! And so are its workouts. Choose from abdominal strengthening hula hooping, stress-releasing rollerblading—or even Vinyasa Flow yoga to the beats of deep house music. Need a little more inspiration? We’ve rounded up the best ’90s throwback workouts to spice up your gym routine.

Deep House Yoga

verbEvery Monday and Tuesday, Verboten takes you into a world of lights and deep rhythmic house music… for yoga.  On other nights, the space serves as one of the hottest nightclubs in Williamsburg, but for two nights every week it’s home to “WILLKOMMEN,” a Vinyasa Flow yoga class featuring live DJs. Tickets are $20, which includes a yoga mat rental provided by Lululemon.

Hoola Hoop Class

hoopHula hooping is actually a great way to exercise—and have fun while doing it. Hooping tones your abdomen and strengthens your core muscles while you work up a sweat! Plus, it reportedly burns up to 100 calories for every 8 minutes of hooping. Try a hoop dancing at The Hoop Movement in Tribeca for a fun twist to your workout regime.

Rollerblade Outdoors

rollerDon’t underestimate the effects that rollerblading will have on your body. It’s actually a great cardiovascular workout that works your inner and outer thighs, quadriceps, hamstrings, and gluteus maximus. It also targets your core muscles, re-establishes your center of gravity, and is a great activity to do with your kids or pals. Plus, you can do it anywhere! Some of the best spots to rollerblade in NYC are Central Park, the West Side Highway, or the East River Park. If you’re in Brooklyn, Prospect Park has plenty of flat areas as well. K2 makes highly raved about inline skates that can be purchased on their website.

Krav Maga 

krav magaLearn how to fight like an Isreali Defense Force soldier with Krav Maga. Combining boxing, judo, aikido, and wrestling, its a great way to learn self-defense basics, while toning your body. It’s a great weight loss solution that works out every part of your body—even your mind. There are tons of places in NYC to take krav maga classes such as the Krav Maga Academy or the Krav Maga Institute.

Step Class

stepWe can’t be the only ones who miss working out to Jane Fonda’s videos while wearing leotards and leg warmers. Feel free to leave the leotard in the past, but those step aerobics did wonders for our booties and thighs! Stop by a class at your local gym or take a class in your own living room thanks to YouTube.