Trevor Traina Opens His Pacific Heights Home For Photography Tours

trevor traina ifonly
Trevor Traina

Photo Credit: Drew Altizer

If you’ve been dying to get inside one of those Pacific Heights mansions, here’s a haute entryway: Trevor Traina, San Franciscan native and serial entrepreneur, is giving photography enthusiasts a glimpse into his own photography collection and Pacific Heights home through his company, which delivers extraordinary experiences for good. Traina himself will lead you on a tour of his strikingly restored Pacific Heights home and impressive 300-piece photography collection–“Real to Real,” from early documentary to more recent conceptual art.

We asked Traina to select five of his favorite pieces from the collection, which traces the evolution of the field from the “new documentarians” of the 60s and 70s through current large-scale color photography. From Robert Frank and Diane Arbus to Andreas Gursky and Jeff Wall, the collection shows the world around us from various perspectives.

Traina has lent works to U.S. and international exhibitions and highlights of the collection comprised the “Real to Real” exhibition curated by Julian Cox and Kevin Moore for the de Young museum. It’s no wonder that will soon launch its full art collection with premium museum access to the Dallas Museum of Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art and many other museum offerings, including VIP tickets, tours and access.

Without further ado, in this online exclusive, here are five of Traina’s favorite photos from his personal collection and, in his own words, what makes these photos special to him.

William Eggleston—Red Ceiling

trevor traina william egglestonPhoto Credit: Trevor Traina
William Eggleston was the pioneer in color photography. This image, in my mind, is the most important color photo of the 20th century as it was part of his breakthrough exhibition at MOMA in ’76. While there were other great photos in the show, color—the rich red—is essential to this one and without it, the photo would lose all impact.

Andreas Gursky—Dortmund

trevor traina ifonly andreas gurskyPhoto Credit: Trevor Traina
Gursky pioneered large scale digital printmaking and his photos dazzle. This photo is a made up of thousands of individual faces of soccer fans. To handle so many subjects so vividly makes it a virtuoso performance.

Thomas Struth—Yosemite

thomas struth yosemite trevor traina ifonlyPhoto Credit: Trevor Traina
Struth’s museum and cathedral series place people in the context of large institutions. This work is actually a part of the cathedral series and it is easy to see why with the majesty of half dome dwarfing the subjects below. As a California native, I love to see Yosemite so represented.

Alec Soth—Charles, Vasa

alec soth charles, vasa trevor traina ifonlyPhoto Credit: Trevor Traina
Alex Soth is the heir to the new documentarians of the 60s and 70s and his ramblings around America teach us much about ourselves and our culture. This image was his breakthrough one and kind of speaks for itself.

Diane Arbus- Identical Twins

diane arbus idential twins trevor traina ifonlyPhoto Credit: Trevor Traina
Arbus is the deal of the new documentarians and this image is probably the greatest photo of the 20th century. Twins are copies of the same negative in a sense and this photo is so great on so many levels.

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