Sonya Molodetskaya: Packing for Paris Fashion Week


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Tickets are purchased, Hotel Costes is booked (six months in advance), shows are lined up, an extra suitcase is bought and my wardrobe anxiety is running high. The most painful and enjoyable moment of my day is here: Packing for Paris Fashion week. There are so many questions to consider: “What to bring?” “What to buy?” “What’s ‘in’?” and more importantly, “What’s ‘out’?” As always, I am determined to put together gorgeous, camera-ready outfits.

So here I am, anxiously rolling around floor of my closet, surrounded by my…. hmmm…unusual choices. And here they are:

At the airport en route to Paris:
I love Louis Vuitton luggage. I can’t deny the pleasure I get from all the jealous looks at the airport. Plus, I store all my Hermes in LV. There is some sort of guilty pleasure in putting Hermes inside of LV luggage. I have Tumi as well, but I always check it in. It’s crazy-colorful and always comes out of baggage claim very quickly. It’s almost as if the people unloading luggage want to get rid of mine first.

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On the plane:
I always travel with my own blanket. Recently, I came up with the idea of using it as a poncho before getting on the plane, knowing ponchos are in style these days. This time, I also added a nice pillow. I have On Aura Tout Vu crystal headphones to match my orange pillow, La Mer lotion, a  Fifty Shades of Grey sleep mask (just because I find it hilarious). As for reading material, I pack Haute Living and Elle magazines. It’s not because I have not read HL yet — of course I know every page of it — but I fly first class and my travel companions deserve to know all about the hautest luxury magazine as well.

      Picture 52

Fur in spring:
Early spring in Paris is still about fur and I love it! I have been wearing fur since I was one-month-old, gradually going from a rabbit blanket to a chinchilla fur coat. I am taking that chinchilla with me in case I run (and I always do) into Russians from Russia. Those people have no mercy for those that don’t own sable or chinchilla, so I am ready for them. Also in tow is a mink cape, which used to be a fabulous, but outdated full coat purchased in Russia in late-’80s. In fact, I landed in San Francisco wearing this coat 19 years ago. Capes are “in” right now, so the sleeves came off of the coat and now it’s a one-of-a-kind stylish piece. I also have a ice-blue Wes Gordon jacket, Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti mint-green Mongolian lamb coat, and a MSGM jacket, which I purchased at Elizabeth Charles. The fur part of it totally swept me off my feet. It made me to wonder if I needed to learn how to walk backwards — thats how fantastic the back of this jacket is.

Picture 53

My tribute to the ’70s:
Fashion made another turn, the ’70s are back in style, and I could not be happier. I was a child in Russia during the ’70s, and I unfortunately missed the trend, but not this time! My own flare-cut jeans are a “must” this season, and my Kenzo sweater (once mistaken by Marina boy as an ugly sweater party contestant) totally goes well with them. I also have my Junya Watanabe yellow dress and my never-worn cruise collection Louis Vuitton runway boots. I don’t care if it’s cold in Paris. We make fashion sacrifices all the time!

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To the shows:
My favorite Tom Ford dress deserves to visit Paris. So what if Anna Dello Russo wore it during the last Paris Fashion week and got photographed like, a thousand times? I will style it differently, maybe with my embellished Russian police hat. I also have my Feather Lanvin. I love my feathers. Also included is my Balenciaga yellow patent-leather jacket and Kenzo skirt: just a few picks from my “Sonya goes to Paris” collection.

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Kellys, Kellys, Kellys! I am also bringing one fun bag: a super cute red car bag by Braccialini. I can’t think of the better place to show it off for the first time.

Picture 56

Of course I’m bringing my Russian “ushanka” customized with crystals by Paris couture house On Aura Tout Vu. I have a feeling it will be quite a hit. I also have my Fendi pompom cap, Chanel hat (you can never go wrong with Chanel), Dior and Chanel sunglasses, Maison Fabre gloves and my umbrella. Rain or snow, don’t ever underestimate umbrellas. Its a fabulous accessory and often completes the outfit.

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My lucky charm:
A famous Russian cartoon character named Cheburashka was given to me by my brother. This is his/ her (undetermined) first trip to Paris!

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