Shapoh Hats Were All the Rage at Vizcaya Hat Kickoff

Swanee DiMare

Ladies gathered earlier this week at the spectacular Park Grove sales center for a very important cocktail kickoff hosted by David and Christy Martin for the Vizcaya Preservation Luncheon. “It’s one of the best, most fun social events. It’s a great group of women and I love them all,” said Christy Martin who is on the Vizcaya Preservation board.


One of the reasons attending the cocktail was oh-so-important for the ladies who will be lunching at Vizcaya, was the hat sale by Shapoh. After all, everyone needs a stunning new hat for the occasion, which takes place March 17. Shapoh is an online hat shop by Suzy Buckley Woodward, which in addition to ridiculously good prices on ridiculously cool hats, also features the latest millinery news and a global hat calendar, so you can hit all the hautest events in your new chapeau.


Of course, the famous Vizcaya Preservation Luncheon, also known as the “Hat Lunch” is on Shapoh’s calendar. The event is the only daytime fundraiser held on the Vizcaya’s grounds, and year in and year out is the place to be for the social set of the female persuasion. This year’s honorary chair Swanee DiMare and co-chairs Sonia Gibson, Linda Levy Goldberg, Barbara Hevia, Laura C. Munilla, and Lydia Touzet will be heading up the event. Tickets are selling for $350 and tables for $3,500 — at a rapid pace. Email events at for reservations.

Photography by David Heischrek and Yamila Lomba