Nada Debs Celebrates a Decade of Design

Lebanese designer Nada Debs will be exhibiting a retrospective of her 10 years worth of craft and contemporary design at Design Days Dubai from 16-20 March 2015.




Groundbreaking, creative awareness, and international appeal; these are all appropriate verses that describe the nature of the movement propelled by the modern Arab identity, Nada Debs. Known as one of the most talented contemporary designers of the Middle East. This year Nada Debs celebrates the 10-year anniversary of her pioneering furniture and home accessory label.

Nada Debs has evolved by preserving the heritage present in local Lebanese craftsmanship and steering it in a novel direction, more towards the contemporary innovation present in our world today. The past 10 years mark the importance and sentiment behind the pride and heritage that is seamlessly present in every piece Debs meticulously crafts. It marks the significance of a “hand-made” piece, highlighting the depth of human engagement in the progression of crafting a Nada Debs product. An element of an individual touch.


Middle Eastern craft is precious, craft is spiritual and craft is an identity that speaks a timeless language of aesthetic ideals that each individual should understand the value of. This is the proud impression Debs has strived to practice and exude to her audience over her foundational years. She has founded an inimitable personality, building on her focal ideal that craft plays a dynamic role in the region’s social, economic, and cultural assets. Moving forward, ornamental arabesque patterns and a hint of minimalism in Debs’ furniture and home accessories are now attributes of her previous work, which harmoniously translates them into sheer classics.

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