Lilly Pulitzer Invites Florida to #FindTheLilly

The iconic womenswear brand Lilly Pulitzer beloved by Palm Beachers for generations, has created a new social media campaign, #FindTheLilly. The social media campaign celebrates the womenswear brand and it’s particular heritage. What better place to kick things off than by going back to where it all started, home sweet home: Florida! After all, Lilly has become the socialite’s choice in Palm Beach.FindTheLilly Florida Jeep Tour

A little bit about #FindTheLilly: Lilly began hiding her signature in all her pieces when she started designing. Everyone can spot a Lilly Pulitzer print from a mile away, but finding her hidden signature is not that easy. It’s a detail that only Lilly insiders knew about, but she has decided to let people in on her little secret and have some fun with it with her new campaign.
LillyPulitzerLilly is inaugurating an 11-city tour across Florida to spread the word about #FindTheLilly. The official Lilly Jeep is wrapped in a new signature print that speaks Palm Beach style. It will be making stops at select Lilly Pulitzer boutique locations with a series of parties and events planned for each. The first stop was Gainesville, Pink Narcissus on February 11th and the last stop will be International Plaza on February 19th.

Find the secret signature in your favorite print, snap a photo, and share with the brand on social media using the hashtag #FindTheLilly. You can read more about the campaign on the Lilly Pulitzer website.