Jeff Soffer Takes Fontainebleau to the Skies and Turnberry on the Road

‘I love my wife, but she’s famous,” says Turnberry Associates Chairman and CEO, Jeff Soffer, acknowledging the quandary marrying a supermodel presents for an intensely private billionaire. Indeed, coupling with Elle Macpherson might not have been the best way to evade the spotlight. The story is just too good for tabloids to resist: Miami’s Bruce Wayne marries “The Body.” As one of fashion’s most famous faces, Macpherson has appeared on over fifty magazine covers since the 1980s. Although the couple keep a surpisingly low profile, she is still in the public eye. Macpherson has produced NBC’s Fashion Star and is an entrepreneur in her own right, as co-founder of the wellness business Welleco and owner of Elle Macpherson Intimates, a 25 year-old lingerie brand she established early on in her career.
“There are a lot of people in the world who need the media to make them feel good—I’m not one of them,” says Soffer, who is surprisingly shy and low-key. Still, he recognizes that he is going to be a hot topic, now more than ever. “Marriage brings changes,” he says with a smile. “We have a lot of the same interests and we’re both very family-oriented.” Elle feels the same saying, “We have five amazing children between us so our life is rich and full.” The image they paint of their union is one of any normal blended family. They have dinner, go biking and swimming, and enjoy attending the kids’ sports games together. Never mind if said games occur all around the country—Soffer can simply take one of his private jets.

Most often he is attending his 12-year-old son’s hockey games. “He’s on a good team,” says Soffer, who deems athletics valuable for the discipline they bring. “I think sports are all about structure. I’ve always been a proponent for my children to do something to keep their focus. For me, education is number one and sports are a big part of that too.”

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