Haute 100 SF: Stephen Curry Wins 3-Point Contest at NBA All-Star Game

stephen curry
Stephen Curry

Photo Credit: Courtesy Golden State Warriors

What a NBA All-Star weekend it was for Stephen Curry. The Golden State Warriors guard won the three-point shooting contest on Feb. 14, helped his Western Conference team to a 163-158 victory over the Eastern Conference at the Barclays Center in  New York City on Feb. 15 and, at some point, had his sneakers stolen—thankfully not from him personally.

The fourth time was the charm for Curry, who had participated in three previous three-point shootout but never won until now.

“Just being in that competitive spirit and having fun out there, I love to shoot the basketball,” Curry said. “This is a great place to kind of showcase that, and I have fun doing it.”

Curry posted an event-record 27 points to knock off his Golden State running mate Klay Thompson and Cleveland star Kyrie Irving. He paid homage to one of the three victims of the shooting in North Carolina by writing Deah Shaddy Barakat’s name on his sneakers. Barakat was one of three Muslim college students killed Tuesday in Curry’s home state.

“It only seemed right to honor him and his family, and hopefully they know that people are thinking about them,” Curry said. “They’re not alone, and hopefully it can give them some kind of peace and comfort knowing that he was a special guy. And I just did my little part to shed light toward him.”


The shoes were his backups. Two pairs of the shoes that Curry was set to wear in Saturday night’s All-Star competitions were stolen, an Under Armour spokesman confirmed to ESPN. The theft was reported in time so that backup pairs of shoes with the same design were on his feet Saturday night.

In Sunday’s game, Curry finished with 15 points, nine rebounds and four assists.

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