Haute 100 Miami: Pharrell Says ‘The Voice’ is a Training Camp

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Pharrell Williams is a pretty happy guy. How could he not be? He’s one of the world’s most influential people; not just in music, but also in fashion, philanthropy, and entertainment. I mean, he’s EVERYWHERE; from producing gritty hip-hop records to designing eco-conscious G-Star Raw denim to re-introducing cult fashion designer Vivienne Westwood to a mainstream audience (via a big hat). Hell, he even wrote a smash single called ‘Happy.’ But is Pharrell immune to negative feelings? Absolutely not, and we finally found out what his hair trigger is: asking why the Voice in its many seasons has up to this point never produced a massive pop star.

In a press conference for the new season, a reporter asked the entire cast (Williams, Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton) asked why the show doesn’t produce stars. Williams became defensive and argued that the show is not “a record label” but is more akin to a training camp for talented singers: “It’s an academy. You only advance forward when you have what it takes to move forward. There’s nothing wrong with having your eyes on the prize and not winning.”

Pharrell was asked the same question again at a separate conference, and understandably he had had enough of it. “While we’re at it, when’s the last time you gave someone mentoring or took the time our of you schedule to deal with someone’s real emotions.”

Pharrell rarely exudes anything other than calm, confident and casual cool. It was noticeably out of character for him to grow upset to a very fair line of questioning. Of course, answering the same line of questioning over and over again weighs heavy.

At the risk of dating myself, I just wish Pharrell would get back in the studio with Chad Hugo and Clipse and give us another Hell Hath no Fury.

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