Designer Tim Coppens Launches in Harvey Nichols

Marking his expansion into UK territory, Belgian designer Tim Coppens will see his women’s wear collection launch exclusively in London luxury department store Harvey Nichols on February 9. Initially making his name as a menswear designer, Coppens is now fully expanding his range to include edgy, eclectic female pieces that are bound to put him firmly on the capital’s style map.

“We’ve supported the men’s wear line since day one, and love the overall aesthetic of the brand. We were just waiting for the right moment to bring women’s wear into the mix,” said the Harvey Nichols’ contemporary buying manager Shereen Basma to WWD. And it seems that the British retailer is the perfect choice given Coppens’ references during the creative process of putting this collection together. Inspired by the ’90s British music scene, the 12-piece range draws on classic bands of that time. “I came to the UK for the first time when The Stone Roses and Primal Scream were about,” explained the designer to WWD. Expect grungy references, plenty of attitude and materials such as wool and nylon from this UK debut.

Coppens has also been keen to include a clear link that bridges the men and women’s collections, with shared fabrics and the expert tailoring that he has become known for taking centre stage. Nevertheless, the designer is keen to experiment around with shape and silhouette in his women’s wear, using more volatile materials and making playful references to some of fashion’s biggest items during the decade, such as the parka. With this collection Coppens also continues the personal theme that runs through a lot of his work. As a long-term skateboarder, the designer is set to incorporate elements of this world into his A/W 2015 pieces, which are also interwoven with the bands of the ’80s and ’90s that inspired him and his passion for skating.