Brooklyn Welcomes Its First-Ever Solar-Powered Condo

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The R-951 residence in Brooklyn

If you are searching for energy efficiency and superior comfort, you may have finally met your match with Brooklyn’s first-ever solar-powered condo otherwise known as R-951. The newly constructed residence is located in the Prospect Heights section of Brooklyn and is in a class all by itself.

Constructed by Further Inc., a design/build development firm, the three 1,500 square foot apartments have open loft layouts, high ceilings and an abundance of natural light and fresh air. Additionally, each of these homes includes a considerable amount of private outdoor space.

It is the first Passive House certified and Net-Zero capable building to be completed in New York City. What does this means? Each potential homeowner has the possibility of living without external power costs.

“The building’s 12.5 KW solar photovoltaic array is tied to the utility grid, so residents never have to worry about cloudy days, but can simply watch their inverter’s display as solar power from the roof is fed into the grid,” said Wendy Brawer, a partner of Further Inc. and a sustainability advocate. She continued, “Moreover, on that rare occasion when the utility grid has an outage, each apartment has a special outlet for backup daytime power. This and other ultra low energy use features secure the building and make it a solid investment in long-term health and resiliency, too.”

The two additional partners of Further Inc., includes Paul Castrucci, a certified Passive House architect, and Ray Sage, an electrical contractor. All three individuals teamed up with Aeon Solar to design a 50-panel array that is now delivering all the power needed for each of the three duplex apartments. Each residence has almost everything a prospective homeowner would need, including its own laundry with Bosch Energy Star appliances and energy recovery ventilation systems that lowers humidity while cleaning allergens and pollutants out of the incoming air.

“The large triple glazed European-style tilt and turn windows contribute to the quiet, sanctuary-like feeling within,” Brawer explained.

The partners at Further Inc. are doing their very best to educate individuals, by hosting solar energy building science tours. More than 400 professionals have toured the project and learned about the benefits, which also include tax breaks for the development team and potential homeowners.

“We have received many interesting offers to partner and look forward to moving ahead soon on both new construction and renovation projects. The future is bright,” Brawer said.

With luxury, comfort and healthy living just a few steps away from the Barclays Center, who wouldn’t want to put in a bid for New York City’s Net-Zero capable condo.