Trésor Rare Lands In Mayfair

A mere month into its grand UK opening and luxury skincare brand Trésor Rare is already making waves on the London beauty scene, tucked away in the heart of the exclusive Mayfair area. After initially launching Stateside, the brand has opened shop to test the London market and, with its range of signature fragrances, anti-ageing treatments and facial masks, it really is a spa experience right in the centre of the capital. “We are very pleased to be launching in London, hoping to replicate the brand’s success in the USA. Trésor Rare produces and delivers the highest standard of skincare products available to market, and we are really looking forward to introducing them to consumers in London, offering skincare services in our London beauty boutique, along with products to purchase in-store and online,” said UK marketing manager of Trésor Rare, Moran Wittert-Hollinger.


As the Christmas rush descends upon us with ever-increasing pace, what could be better than spending a few minutes of the day indulging our winter-chilled skin? The Trésor Rare collagen mask, designed to bring the face back to its youthful elasticity, and the delectable thermal mask that heats up and unclogs the pores, are just two of the London’s store’s offerings, which can be completed in less than an hour. And if you’re looking for that perfect Christmas gift for someone, Trésor Rare offers several treatments, such as the Mask Mystique Special Effect, which tones, refreshes and brightens the skin. For the ultimate indulgence though, nothing can beat The Signature Trésor Rare BX-Relaxor, which boasts an amalgamation of diamond dust, gem stones and deep water pearls for a radiant, glowing effect that is immediately noticeable. And if you’re strapped for time, the range of take-away products mean that you can effortlessly continue this skincare routine from the comfort of your home.

Part of the renowned Premier Group and a finalist in the Health Beauty America Skin Care Prestige Category,Trésor Rare is certainly poised for success in the UK and is definitely worth a pre-Christmas pampering visit.

Trésor Rare, 37 South Molton Street, London