Vênsette In-Home Hair and Make-up Service Hits Miami

Lauren Remington Platt
Lauren Remington Platt

As we head into the most intense social season Miami has ever known, it’s good to know you have easier beautification options than ever before. A new mobile make-up and hair company from New York named Vensette has set up shop in the Magic City, just time for the event extravaganza known as Art Basel. So ladies need not budget extra hours on event day to sprint to the salon and back– they merely need 45 minutes to 1 hour in the comfort of their own home to get spruced by a professional from Vênsette.

Vênsette was the brainchild of Lauren Remington Platt, a savvy young entrepreneur who had been working in finance and trying to balance long hours in the office with a big-time social life dotted with galas and fundraisers. So she set out to make getting quality make-up and hair as easy as ordering a Starbucks through her website and subsequent app.

In fact, Platt has even created a menu with looks like the “Grace Kelly” or the “CEO” so customers don’t have to just hope that the artist gets the drift when they say “I want it smoky, but not too smoky with a hint of contouring.” With the photo menu, they’ll be on exactly the same page and there will be no bad surprises moments before a big night begins.

Another new concept is the pairing of the two services. “Right now the way the industry is structured is that they are separate, but odds are if you need your make-up done, you need to get your hair done. You shouldn’t have to go two separate places.”

So for $200, discriminating customers can get both hair and make up done by top quality artists. “These artists are the best in the industry. We accept less than 10% of the people that interview. We test them with a stopwatch, do background tests… everything.”

While they are not supposed to rush, not taking too long is valued as well. These are busy women with things to do and people to meet. They don’t want to take three hours in the chair like a model at a photo shoot —they just want to look like they did.


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