Celebrity Stylist Nunzio Saviano Shares His Winter Hair Tips

Since landing on the New York salon scene, Nunzio Saviano has redefined the way we think about stylists. Rather than working with a “signature cut,” he creates an individual look for each one of his clients. Don’t expect to waltz in with a magazine clip—or a celebrity screenshot on your iPhone—Saviano has ideas of his own. And the outcome is perfect every time.

It’s this attention to detail that has landed Saviano in the locks of countless celebrities, including Brooke Shields and Angelica Houston. Not only has he appeared in Allure’s “Best of Beauty” guide for an unprecedented six years in a row, but he has also graced the pages of New York magazine’s “Best of New York” and InStyle’s “Beauty Black Book.”

Following stints at Oscar Blondi and Sally Hershberger, Saviano recently opened his own salon on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Nestled on East 65th street, the stunning, two-story brownstone lavishes visitors with a feeling of both luxury and intimacy.


Today, Saviano joins Haute Living to share his winter hair tips for keeping locks healthy throughout the cold weather.

“In the winter, the scalp gets very dry. Similar to skin, our scalps gets very dehydrated when we don’t drink enough water,” he explains. “Drier temperatures make it even more important to moisturize your hair as much as you do your face.”

Below are the products and services he recommends to get you through the winter:

In the salon

Phillip B makes a scalp treatment that is fantastic. This is a 30-minute in-salon treatment that I offer in my salon, and it includes a combination of rejuvenating oil and detoxing products for your scalp. The benefits are instant and it is keratin and color safe.

Fusio Dose, from the famed Kerastase, is a customizable a line of tailor-made treatments for all hair types. We use it after shampooing, and before conditioning. Since you can mix and match the products, the results will be magnificent whether your hair is dry, damaged or fine.


At home

Philip B Lovin’ Leave in Conditioner is great for strengthening and smoothing hair at any time of year, but is especially helpful during the colder months. This light, moisturizing cream will smooth flyaways and banish winter stactic.

Kerastase Thermique is my favorite line for at home home moisturizing.  Kerastase Nectar Thermique is a thermo-protective, blow-dry primer that protects hair from drying out. Kerastase Nutri Thermique is a heat-activated, deep conditioning masque for intense nourishment. Both are a must for when the weather drops subzero.