Jane Weitzman

Jane Weitzman
Jane Weitzman

As the wife of footwear maestro Stuart Weitzman, Jane Weitzman is certainly a woman whose life revolves around shoes. To indulge her own love of fantasy footwear, Weitzman has created “Art & Sole,” a coffee table book which features a spectacular selection of fantasy shoes; 150 fantasy art pieces made of highly unique materials she has discovered and commissioned by artists for the first Stuart Weitzman shop on Madison Avenue in the mid-1990s. Made from feathers, paper, ceramic, metal, resin, playing cards, corrugated cardboard, Swarovski crystals, even fresh flowers and frosting, many of the shoes featured in “Art & Sole” are in printed form for the first time. We spoke to the shoe designer’s sole mate about her foray into publishing, the perks of being married to a shoe guru and the most opulent pair of heels she owns. Yes, you will be jealous.

Art & Sole
Art & Sole

What makes a perfectly made pair of shoes art?

“Art is, of course, in the eye of the beholder, but for me the shoes would have to be unique in style.”

 What is your favorite go-to pair to wear and why?

“My go to shoes are the 50/50 boots. I have them in a range of colors and I can wear them from morning to night and be comfortable and look fashionable. I just got the new quilted version in both black leather and black suede.”

 Has Stuart designed a shoe just for you and you only? If so, what did it look like?

“Stuart makes custom shoes for me all the time. I recently asked him to put red Swarovski crystals on a black suede shoe. I love so many of them that it’s impossible to pick a favorite. If he ever designed a shoe just for me and it looked good, he would probably include it in his line for the next season.”

 What is the worst shoe trend to emerge over the course of the last 10 years? What is the best?

“I never pay attention to shoes that I don’t like, but I loved high heels with round toes and I hope they come back soon.”

 What is the most opulent pair of shoes you own? Please describe them.

“I own several pairs of shoes that are paved with Swarovski crystals. I love them!”

 You were Vice President of Stuart Weitzman. Where would you like to see the brand go in the future?

“I would love to see the brand continue to make beautiful and comfortable shoes.”

 What philanthropic causes are still important to you and why?

“There are so many – finding a cure for cancer and other diseases, children’s health, literacy and education, the arts, the environment, and women’s rights. If we can help in all of these areas, the world would be a better place.”

 How many pairs of shoes do you own?

“I have never counted them, but a lot.”