Gourmet Seasonings Everyone Should Have in Their Pantry

Whether your dream scenario is spending hours basting, marinating, and slow-roasting in the kitchen—or minutes checking boxes on Seamless—a sprinkle of gourmet spices, salts, and seasonings can transform any dish from meh to amazing. But let’s face it, navigating the aisles of Eataly on a Saturday can make anyone a panic attack. Between flavored salts and aromatic oils, there are so many culinary concoctions on the market today that it’s no wonder so many of us simply reach for plain old sea salt and call it a day. Well, not anymore! Haute Living has scoured the city (and internet) for the best gourmet seasonings to keep on hand.

Jacobsen Salt Co. Stumptown Coffee Salt

coffee salt


Though adding coffee to salt may seem odd, you’ll be singing a different tune after one pinch of this flavorful finishing salt. Infused with Portland’s Stumptown fair trade Hairbender coffee, the salt boasts sweet and savory notes of chocolate, caramel, and jasmine that is perfect for rubbing on meats or sprinkling over shortbread cookies.

Williams-Sonoma French Lavender


Classically trained chefs have long looked to lavender to add delicate floral and herbal notes to their signature dishes, but this aromatic herb isn’t just for fine dining anymore. A relative of mint, lavender can be used to enhance the flavors of everything from savory roast lamb to sweet ice cream. Plus, it’s pretty purple hue is great for adding a pop of color to any plate.

Heilala Vanilla Syrup


For an easy way to spice up breakfast, swap traditional maple syrup for 100 percent pure vanilla syrup straight from the Heilala plantation in the Vava’u Islands of Tonga. Unlike other vanilla-infused products, Heilala Vanilla Syrup is extracted from Heilala pods so there’s no icky chemical taste or synthetic additives. Pour it in smoothes, cocktails, or over fresh fruit… the possibilities are endless.

Dean & Deluca Chipotle Bayou Spice Rub

bayou rub

To bring a taste of the Bayou to your own backyard, pick up a jar of Dean & Deluca’s Chipotle Bayou Spice Rub featuring a flavorful blend of paprika, salt, onion, dried chiles, peppercorns, garlic, cumin, coriander, sugar, thyme, fennel, celery seeds, parsley, and oregano.