Cirque du Soir Confirms ‘Censored’ Tuesdays

Cirque du Soir Dubai has recently revealed that it will be launching ‘Censored’ Tuesdays – a new night to replace the infamous ‘frat party’ themed night. The evening is set to launch on 2 September.

Cirque du soir dubai 2

The new Tuesday night concept, which will wow Cirque le Soir’s eclectic audience, has been designed to bring the region a night fresher than ever before. Known for breaking boundaries, Cirque le Soir has aptly branded the new night, ‘Censored’ Tuesday’s.

CENSORED will be taking a step back into classic city nightlife. A fun-filled party where ‘back to basics’ thinking is executed flawlessly. Set amidst the club’s eccentric mix of performances, Cirque de Soir promises a plethora of performances over the coming months including DJ Colin Francis; DJ J-Funk; Siaka and CJ-iDJ. To be a night of fun, indeed!

Cirque de Soir is located in The Fairmont Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road. Tel: +971 43324900