Supermodel Nina Agdal Shares How She Gets Ready for the Runway

Being a model isn’t all fun and games. Sure, it’s filled with designer dresses and runway fashion shows, but it also involves tedious travel, tiresome fittings,and of course, plenty of early-morning gym sessions. Haute Living asked Danish model Nina Agdal, who recently graced the cover of the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, to walk us through her day and give us a glimpse into her real Manhattan lifestyle.

7:45 AM I arrive in New York City after taking a red-eye flight from Los Angeles. I only got a couple hours of sleep so I head to Starbucks to grab the largest iced coffee with milk that I can get. Since it’s rush hour, I decide to take the train back to Manhattan. Most people don’t realize how easy that actually is!

9 AM I arrive at my apartment and jump on my sleeping roommate to let her know that I’m home. I check the mail and pick up my packages. I always order packages when I’m out of town because I love coming home to presents.

9:30 AM Time to start getting ready for the day. I make a bowl of oatmeal with cinnamon and watch my morning talk shows and the news.

11:30 AM I walk to the subway wearing Ray Ban sunglasses and a flowy summer dress and accidentally flash an ass cheek—no one told me it was windy! I have to go to a casting appointment so my hair is loose and wavy.

12:45 PM I grab a salad and then head to a fitting for my job on Monday. Standing still (and preparing myself to be a human doll) is always a challenge for me.

2:30 PM I get a lymphatic therapy massage at Rhemedy by Rhed. It really helps me de-puff after I travel. It works just like a facial, but it’s a massage.

5 PM I usually like to do some kind of cardio in the morning, but since I took a red-eye, now it’s time for me to get my sweat on. I take a class at SoulCycle with my favorite instructor, Isabel, and then head to Equinox to do my own exercises, people-watch, and steam. It inspires me to work out even harder when I’m surrounded by all different types of people sweating.

7:30 PM Back home in my sweatpants. I catch up with my roomies, order food, have a glass of wine, make stupid home videos (which shall remain unseen) and watch all the TV shows I missed while traveling.

12 AM I usually have a lot on my mind before falling asleep so I text goodnight to my mother in Denmark, who is usually waking up at this time. I put on Garth Stevenson’s album and fall asleep. If I want to have weird dreams, I’ll eat shellfish for dinner—it always has an effect on me. Must try! If I can’t sleep then I’ll throw on an outfit and head out to meet my night owl friends for a fun night on the town…if I don’t have work the following day, of course!