Meet Pubbelly’s Chef: Jose Mendin, the Man Behind L’Echon


If you ask any local Miamian their favorite restaurants, and they will probably include “Pubbelly.” Well, there is more Pubbelly to like as they have opened yet one more location in a very unsuspecting neighborhood, the northern end of Miami Beach, at the Hilton Hotel. This is where you will find L’Echon Brasserie.

Haute Living decided to enlighten your world and speak with Executive Chef Jose Mendin about the latest project of Andreas Schreiner, Jose Mendin and Sergio Navarro.jose

What is the most popular dish so far?

There are a couple of favorites already like the Escargot de Bourgogne; Cochon de Lait (suckling pig), Tarte L’echon (country ham), and believe it or not, the Cervelle de Veau Meuniere (veal brains).

What spices you can you not live without?

All recipes require different spices, but my favorites are, smoked pimenton, za’atar and lately espelette pepper.

What does L’echon have that your other Pubbelly restaurant don’t have?

L’Echon serves Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner – which is our first daily meal concept.   Further, it is our first location that is located beachfront and with water views.  The food, while still embracing Pubbelly’s style, is our first true focus on French cuisine.

What is your favorite music to listen to when on your way to work to prep you for a long eve in the kitchen?

I change it up a lot, but I love listening to The Killers.

When not dining at one of the Pubbelly restaurants, what is your favorite restaurant in Miami?

I love Yakko San, Zuma, DB Modern and The Dutch.

What is the most random request you have ever received from a restaurant goer?

We receive all kinds of over-the-top requests but, shaved black truffles in our McBelly sandwich is one that ranks high.

Will you be changing the menu seasonally? Or its here to stay?

We will play with the menu; there are several things that will change, but there are definitely signatures that will be here to stay.