Looking for a Cool Brunch in Miami? Roll on Down to Sushi Samba

Sushi Bar at Sushi Samba South Beach

Brunch in Miami has gotten very hot… and boozy. There are lines out the door at many a trendy restaurant on Sunday at noon. But you’ve moved beyond French toast and normal bacon. So where do you go? Try Sushi Samba, which serves up an amazing menu of not-so-traditional brunch items, triaditos, and of course, sushi.

Let’s start with the hot items, which are an all-star crew of Wagyu Mini-Burgers, “Dulce de Leite” French Toast, Quinoa Waffles, Churrasco Steak & Eggs and the most interesting of all: the Brazilian Feijoada. It’s hard to pronounce, but very easy to eat. It’s a traditional dish of rice, beans, collard greens and shredded beef and slow-cooked pork. We ate ours with thick, Applewood smoked bacon.

Pacific King Crab and Samba Dromo with Maine Lobster

Then there are the cold dishes, which Sushi Samba is famous for and rightly so. A sampling of Tiraditos was fresh light and delicious, and the Samba Rolls were the amazing stuff you’ve come to expect from Sushi Samba. Our favorites were the Samba Dromo with Maine lobster, mango and rice paper served with a spicy peanut curry and the Ebisu San with snow crab, shrimp and avocado, topped with fresh coconut meat and chili drizzle.

There were lots of interesting cocktails including a just-right Bloody Mary and unlimited Prosecco that can be had for $25. More interesting still for non-day drinkers: a great selection of house-made non-alcoholic drinks like the Acai Fizz, a fresh Watermelon Mojo and Coco Leite with coconut milk, mango and pineapple, which is the perfect thing to remind you that you are in Miami, and here you will eat like a king.  Check out brunch or their delicious Miami Spice menu at either Lincoln Road or Coral Gable locations in Miami.


Sushi Samba bar

photos by Hadley Henriette