Haute Man: Hands-On With The Corum Golden Bridge Dragon

Last year, the Swiss brand Corum, based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, was sold to Citychamp Watch & Jewellery Group Limited (formerly known as China Haidian Holdings Limited), and the new owners got an exclusive opportunity to indulge in a wild and wonderful concept. This year it unveiled it, in the form of a limited edition Golden Dragon timepiece featuring a symbolic pearl, which complements the iconic Golden Bridge collection:


The Golden Bridge Dragon features a symbolic pairing and fulfills one of the main plots of the Taoist philosophy. On one side, the dragon, symbol of success in business, and on the other, an elusive pearl, symbol of spiritual and material wealth. By combining these two elements, the Corum Golden Bridge Dragon is not just a watch, but becomes a magical amulet, intended to make its owner rich and happy, by fulfilling his life with harmony.


However, collectors better have a combination of those qualities before owning this watch, as its price will be steep. The case is built like a show-window into the watch, with sides, face and case-back all secured by a sapphire crystal. There is no dial, which makes it appear lighter despite the material of the watch. Through it, you can take a glimpse into the watch’s main treasure, Corum’s exclusive linear or ‘baguette’ movement. The hand-wound CO 113 mechanism boasts a 40 hours power reserve and is beautifully finished. The bridge, on which the wheels and release lever are mounted, is also made out of gold and decorated with an engraving of the Corum logo.


The Corum Golden Bridge Dragon also comes in two jewelry versions with diamonds: the red gold model is decorated with round-cut gems, while the version in white gold is adorned with baguette-cut diamonds. The Dragon figurine is also an exclusive. It’s made of gold, and it takes two weeks from the engraver to assemble this meticulous work. From the backside, the tail of the dragon in a frame of satin gold can be seen.


Photo credit: Chronoscope.ru for Haute Time Russia. For more information, please visit Corum.