Six Items to Prepare you for an Oncoming Hurricane

There’s a storm coming? If you can’t jump on a jet, stock up on these hurricane must-haves.



Water is always at the top of the list. But who wants to drink out of pedestrian chemical-leeching plastic bottles? Not us. The best way to stock up on water is with Aqua Maestro, restaurant-quality water delivered straight to your door  by the case. Our personal favorite from the laundry list of international mineral waters they carry that of course includes the usual suspects like Perrier, FIJI and Evian? Speyside from Scotland. It’s a slightly alkaline mineral water from a 500 million-year-old rock formation in the Braes of Glenlivet, situated inside the Crown Estate of Glenlivet. Really doesn’t get any better than that— and it’s delivered to your door.




Even if you have a generator, you’ll still need a cooler. After all, you won’t have all your stuff on all the time and you don’t want to have to open your fridge every time you need to reach for a bottle of chilled champagne or icy vodka. So as soon as the watch goes into effect, fill up this puppy with ice and use it as your go-to fridge for the next few days. Also, it look much nicer in your sleek stainless kitchen than a plastic behemoth. From Coleman.

Yamaha Generator


Sure, you want to have a generator, but do you want to be the noisy neighbor, polluting the air and while everyone else has to have their windows open when the power goes out? No you do not. But this generator is solar-powered so its quieter. This Yamaha generator has 3000 watts/25 amps of maximum power and features a pull start, Inverter Technology, Smart Throttle, and produces clean, high-quality electricity with very quiet operation (53 dBA – 60 dBA). It can also run up to 19 hours without refueling, so it really is the “ultimate generator on wheels.” $1899. Buy here. 



4.  Louis XIII

A really, really good bottle of anything is the perfect compliment to a storm. If the power goes out, it’s still perfect to sip straight, with now mixers or ice. Because this is Haute Living, we recommend you do it up right with a some Louis XIII Cognac or premium Patron.


Lux Monopoly

5. Luxury Edition Monopoly 

You probably play the real estate or business game in real life, so why not play it on your down time? This edition with wood and leather will have you charging your friends rent in style  and make passing the time in your own Park Place much more fun. $200 at Brookestone.



6. SteriPen

When there is a boil water advisory, you better make sure all your water is disinfected and unless you want to take a bath in Speyside, Glenlivit (see #1), you should buy this travelers SteriPen that disinfects water with an OLED UV light. Kills 99.9% of bacteria — swearsies.  $99