Julia Lemigova, Former Miss USSR and owner of Lux Skincare Line Russie Blanche

Julia Lemigova(1)


Julia Lemigova is famous for launching blending international concepts of wellness, starting skin care line Russie Blanche, and snagging the last Miss USSR crown before the iron curtain fell. After winning the pageant and years of modeling, Lemigova opened a well-being center in Paris’ 8th arrondissement, which became the place for the Parisians social set. After listening to her client’s needs for six years, she launched Russie Blanche in 2009, in collaboration with Parisian dermatologists and scientists keeping in mind Russian beauty traditions that includes adaptogenic plants like Siberian Ginseng and Golden Root mixed with a dash of French luxury. This marriage gave rise to treatments like cleansing with Siberian petals and salt caviar body polish.  One year ago, Lemigova moved to Miami where she is absolutely loving her new home, and introducing her first rate products to the American market.