BLT Prime at Trump Doral is Open For Buisness

Trump Doral

Normally you don’t read about a restaurant opening then a month or so later, wonder if you can still go. But that might be the case for some people who heard about the opening of BLT’s even-higher-end outpost in Doral, BLT Prime. The restaurant opened in time for the big tournament, but is finding itself still open, while the hotel continues to finish it’s renovations on 4 of its 5 golf courses and numerous suits, of which only 20% are open over the summer.

This unique combination of factors makes for a very special dining experience that will not last once season is underway and the grand resort is fully open for business— you can have Trump Doral all to yourself. All of the cartpaths, and meandering trails can be had by foot during this historic time, which is best first enjoyed with a steak.

Trying the food, not taking in the grandeur of Trump’s newly gilded palace all for myself, was the real reason for our visit. But still. The food was excellent and possibly the slight step above the predictably delicious BLT Steak many of us have become so familiar with. In true BLT fashion, the meal began with warm pop overs and a charcuterie plate with an assortment of meats so good they had a finicky Frenchman singing its praises. Tuna Tartare was served with soy-lime dressing and avocado that balanced it well. Their famous Grilled Bacon could almost be a meal in itself, except everyone at the table will want a piece, so you’re best off sharing.

The steaks were perfect – which should be expected from not just a BLT Steak, but a BLT Prime. And the sides, served a-la-carte as they usually are in steakhouses, were so great that even the light ones like Hen of the Woods mushrooms and the Grilled Asparagus were very memorable. This is great because, although there were more decedent options like the the Onion RIngs, stacked a mile-high, it was not necessary to order heavy to get something really, really good.

In a true testament to how good a steakhouse they really are, the fish was every bit as good as its carnivore counterpart, and that’s hard to do. But chef Paul Neidermann’s Dover Sole, expertly filleted table side, pulled it off. Desserts were delish as well, but we’ve gotta admit, sometimes its hard to save room after a meal like the one you’ll get at BLT Prime at Trump Doral, which is easily the best in the city and should have Doral-ites flocking to this bastion of gourmandise. We’re pretty sure The Donald wouldn’t hesitate to call it the Best Steak in Miami and neither would we.

photography by Hadley Henriette