Prohibition Restaurant & Speakeasy Opens in Midtown Miami

Prohibition 2

There is a new restaurant in Midtown making its name under the guise of a 1920s speakeasy called Prohibition.

Sure, there’s a happening bar where you can watch games, a communal table perfect to getting to know new friends, and a lounge upstairs that will serve stiff drinks and potent cocktails from a bygone era, but the food might just be the most exciting thing there.

Steak at Prohibition
Wagyu Skirt Steak

With small and large plates, (thankfully the small is not really small at all), there is a plethora of comfort-type foods. The Truffle Pasta is a winner as are the Wagyu Skirt Steak and Seared Scallops.

Lobster pasta at Prohibition
Truffle Lobster Mac & Cheese

Everything lobster-related was a hit at our table, including the Lobster Croquettas, Lobster Pasta and the Lobster Cocktail.

Lobster Croquette
lobster cocktail
Lobster Cocktail

Desserts were delish too, but we can imagine taking them upstairs after a great meal with friends to continue the fun in the bar-lounge setting.

dessert at prohibition
Dessert at Prohibition

Owner Shawn Shanazi has is trying to transport diners to another era – that of the twenties and thirties “in the most stylish manner imaginable.” We say, mission accomplished.


Waiter at Prohibition
Waiter at Prohbiition

3404 North Miami Avenue, Miami, Florida 33127