Beauty + Wellness: HUM Nutrition Founder Walt Faulstroh’s 5 Tips for How to Look Red Carpet Ready – Without Makeup


As the co-founder of newly launched HUM Nutrition, Walter Faulstroh is an authority on how to become a healthier you. Walter, as well as his LA-based nutrition company, is dedicated to making people look great, and feel even greater. Specializing in the fundamental role nutritional supplements play in life, HUM embodies the philosophy that “beauty starts from within.” The line, which launched in May and is sold exclusively at Sephora, featuring 24 products designed around skin, body and lifestyle. They may have cute, kitschy names like Red Carpet, a supplement for shiny hair and clear skin, Runway Ready Set, a product developed for Paris Fashion Week for glowing skin, glamorous hair and perfect nails without makeup – Smooth Operator, which contains collagen to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, but HUM’s gluten-free, all-natural supplements are scientifically researched and formulated by some of the world’s leading nutritionists.  Here are this health expert’s five natural beauty tips on how to look and feel like a million bucks without makeup.

Walter Faulstroh
Walter Faulstroh

1.     Stay Hydrated: It’s best to keep a large bottle next to your desk to sip on throughout the day as opposed to constantly refill a glass. Hydration keeps you focused, flushes out unwanted toxins and keeps your skin and body in great shape.

2.     Cardio is Key: Ironically, cardio excursive is always best especially when your energy or mood feels low. Exercise increases your blood circulation, raises your Dopamine levels and clears your head.

3.     Connect Your Mind & Body: Yoga or intense stretching helps to relax and releases tension from the body and as a bonus, it keeps you young and the energy flowing through your body

4.     Consult the Experts: See a nutritionist and get supplements that are personalized to your nutritional needs and lifestyle. The great news is you can consult one for free at

5.     Manage Your Stress: Stress is your health and beauty’s worst nightmare. I manage it with a combination of exercise, yoga and supplements that stop me from reacting to stress. It’s an all-natural approach that increases my daily performance, allows me to work more efficiently and best of all, to fully recover every day by getting better sleep. Meditation is also a great tool that I highly recommend though it takes a lot of discipline to make time for it, especially when your agenda is jam packed.

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