LA PALESTRA Fuses Medicine & Fitness in Manhattan

la palestra

Want to look and feel your best this summer? Then skip the trendy crash diets and juice cleanses, and check out LA PALESTRA. Created in 1993 by Pat Manocchia, LA PALESTRA is a hybrid between the medical and fitness industries that provides personalized exercise programs coupled with comprehensive medical analysis.

Using the assets, technology, and resources of both industries, LA PALESTRA medical and fitness professionals present diet and health information in an informative, innovative way using an integrated team approach. These experts are dedicated to improving the quality of their clients’ lives through exercise, education, and community.


To help clients receive optimal results, all members undergo an extensive physical and medical evaluation from the LA PALESTRA team, which includes consultations with an internist, orthopedist, physical therapist, nutritionist, and behavioral therapist upon joining the program. The center’s expertly trained practitioners are also specialized in a variety of fitness platforms including Pilates, yoga, group classes, event training, physical therapy and comprehensive fitness testing to make sure that all clients accomplish their fitness goals.