La Gazzetta Italian Trattoria In Mary Brickell

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Have you missed the truffle-parmesean pasta since Tosca, Miami’s priciest restaurant closed? Well you can find it here at La Gazzetta, a new Italian trattoria in Mary Brickell right on the strip. The eatery it’s all you would want it to be, a cozy restaurant with a brick-laden interior, great outdoor patio, with a well-rounded wine list and delicious food that is justly priced. It’s almost as though proprietor Stephan Fortier made a check list as to all the things that make a place work and crossed them off one by one to insure a home-run.

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La Gazzetta seems like a 180 from his two previous concepts: Tosca, Miami’s most expensive restaurant, and Maison d’Azure, a haughty dining experience that took up the better part of the evening, but he has taken the best of those two restaurants with him and applied it here. The end result is a beautiful restaurant, named for the monthly newspaper on each place setting which contains not only the menu, but photos of guests and dining news. It’s quite refreshing in the Instagram age.

Another Tosca hold-over? The Italian movies that play when there is not an important Miami Heat game. Also refreshing is the prices and the quality of food you get for them.  Fresh buratta is a good choice to adorns a Salumeria Plate, which you can mix-and-match with your own selection of crostini, cheeses and meats like speck and aged Prosciutto Di Parma. A wide selection of salads for $8-14 and there is also a great selection of appetizers and carpaccios on the menu, our favorite of which was the Spicy Ahi Tuna Tartar.

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Most pasta are made with freshly made noodles (you can taste the difference), and come in 4oz or 6oz portion sizes, both of which should are “correct” not gluttonous. Fans of Fortier’s Tosca will recognize the sinfully delicious Truffle Linguine, which they used to serve up in a Parmesan wheel. The pomp and circumstance are gone, but the delicious taste remains.  Steaks are succulent and top out at $25 for a New York Strip, while $29 gets one a whole pound of Mediterranean Branzino with asparagus and lemon.


Dessert could be considered the highlight of the meal if the rest wasn’t so great. The best being little “dessert jars” which are made in Verona, Italy and flown over. They come in flavors like Chocolate Mousse with hazelnut pearls, Blueberry Coulis Panna Cotta and Nutella pudding for a miraculously low price of $5.

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