Hazem Mahdy’s “Atman” Shows at Carbon 12 Gallery Dubai

Currently on view at Dubai’s Carbon 12 Gallery is Atman, an exhibition by Hazem Mahdy. The works on display reveal abstracted photographic works with abstract and geometric subject matter.

At once revealing and ambiguous – the works reference Islamic geometry and Factual Art. However, they are made up of segmented self-portraits of the artist in the form of an art and a hand, for example. They express an investigation into the interconnectedness of all things in existence. Mahdy reveals two poignant parts of a whole: ephemeral elements of life, through digitally produced artworks and nature-produced aspects that serve to create mankind. The artworks are deep and penetrating – they emphasize parts of what binds us all.

Atman is on until 10 June. For more information, visit www.carbon12dubai.com