The 6 Best Locations For A Summer Home

1. The Hamptons


In the summer, Miami and New York practically empty out and head for The Hamptons. With beaches, some of the most expensive residential properties in the states, and incredible list of celebrity and business power-house property owners, East Hampton and Southampton have become the prime location for summer homes. Most of the regular Hampton visitors come from New York and surrounding states, but there are plenty of sunshine state residents around.

2. Blowing Rock, North Carolina


Home to Blowing Rock, a huge cliff over 4,000 feet above sea level, this North Carolina town is genuinely Miami north thanks to a few key developers and a steady buying of homes by Miamians with fond memories of summer camp. The town is quaint, the summers are cool an there are endless outdoor activities that require no Louboutins.

3. South of France

South France 4

Cannes, Nice, Monaco, Monte Carlo… There is no reason to not to head to the South of France in the summer. The beaches, the architecture, the history, the beautiful people, and the Parisian lifestyle are reason enough. The question here is to rent or to buy? Either way, it is only a train ride away from the rest of Europe for more summer adventures.

4. Mykonos, Greece


Mykonos is pure bliss. If you are one for relaxation, beautiful views, and clear waters, this Greek island is for you- and your new vacation home. The bright white buildings, turquoise skies, and tanned bodies will have you in gauzy pants and a skimpy bathing suit in no time, and there is no doubt that you will love every second of it. Read a book on the beach, or watch this year’s world-cup at a bar… a vacation home here is a life-time investment you won’t regret.

5. Telluride, Colorado

telluride home

Telluride, Colorado is the choice location for a vacation home if you are looking for a place where remaining active is simply a part of the lifestyle. For summer-goers, the rather newly developed town has countless trails running up and around the mountains for biking and hiking, a river running through the center for fishing and rafting, and mines for a day of exploring. For obvious reasons, Telluride is strictly snow sports through the winter with plenty of green, blue, and black ski runs. There is no lack of luxury, either- the town is filled with high-end restaurants and spas for your down time. For anyone still not sold: Ralph Lauren’s 17,000 acre ranch is just outside the town

6. White Fish, Montana


Whtiefish is another small town on the rise but lacking in any pretension. With a year-round dude ranch, the nearby Glacier National Park, Whitefish Mountain Ski Resort, world class 36-hole golf course, plus high-end shopping and dining, there is always something to do.