5 World Cup Players And Teams With The Best Endorsement Deals

The fever of 2014 FIFA World Cup has made it the best season to advertise with the world’s favorite players. Here are our five favorite partnerships.

1. German National   Team + Hugo Boss


Hugo Boss chose the German national team as its ambassador and dressed them to the nines in striking formal suits for the 2014 World Cup. This pairing was a guaranteed sensation. The rugged players and chic high fashion line make a smoking hot power team.

2. Ronaldo + Tag Heuer


Tag Heuer bagged this year’s most popular player, Cristiano Ronaldo. The newest addition to their family of ambassadors is joining a plethora of sports stars and celebrities, including Leonardo DiCaprio and Maria Sharapova. The Ronaldo + Tag Heuer tag-team is working to change the game, push the limits, and make their own rules in both the watch world and the fútbol world.

3. Neymar + Beats by Dre


Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior stars in the five-minute Beats World Cup commercial The Game Before The Game alongside an incredible lineup of sports super-stars and celebrities. It’s difficult to not feel something while watching the gripping commercial, which exhibits both the players’ and spectators’ anticipation before the big games. Beats headphones have now been banned from World Cup matches by FIFA due to a licensing deal with the official sponsor Sony. The video has over 18.5 million views and is still considered a hit through all of the controversy.

4. Messi + Audemars Piguet


Audemars Piguet is a Haute Living favorite, and their pairing with world famous Argentina forward, Lionel Messi, is an affair we can not disregard. Messi’s namesake limited-edition watch is a Royal Oak with a platinum case and dark blue strap.

5. Nani + Adidas


Luís Carlos Almeida de Cunha, better known as Nani, is the newest Adidas brand ambassador. The Manchester United winger was a long time Nike player until the recent transition into Adidas F50 boots.