Wynwood’s House Nightclub Miami is Changing up the Nightlife Scene

House nightclub

After six full years of planning, Mark Lowe is finally ready to open a nightclub extravaganza that is poised to change if not nightlife in Miami, at least Wynwood. Lowe is known for having clubs all over the world, including Living Room in Ft. Lauderdale. Lowe’s goal was to create something other than the usual choices and wants people to know his vision is not to create a typical mega club. “I want people to recognize that my intent was to create the personification of a HOUSE; that it belongs to you. The difference here is what you do. It’s not simply about the structure; it’s what happens inside,” says Lowe.

“I’ll be giving away HOUSE gifts at the door,” he adds. “Similar to what you might have in your nightstand at home… in chrome, of course. It’s all in the name of fun and freedom.” They take the concept of House seriously too with different rooms including a bedroom with Fendi pillows, a kitchen that serves up snacks with naughty names, showers for dancers to dance in and more. They are also promising over-the-top entertainment with contortionists, opera singers, drag artists, aerialists, and more to make every night feel like a big event. We’d show you more, but they are staying top secret about the interiors until they open on Friday, May 16. Stay tuned.