What’s On My Desk: Jay Robertson, President of Luther Burbank Mortgage

luthor desk pic

Luther Burbank Mortgage President Jay Robertson is giving us a look at what he needs to get him through a day at the helm of this unique, privately-held division of Luther Burbank Savings. With offices in Santa Monica, Newport Beach, Beverly Hills, Encino, Pasadena, Toluca Lake, San Jose, Los Altos, San Rafael, Santa Rosa and Long Beach opening in late 2014.  A direct lender, banker and broker, Luther Burbank Mortgage will go over and above the usual idea of customer service. This customer-centric bank works for the client, including going to outside lenders to get the best deal.  Here’s what’s on Jay’s desk.

1. Notepad from my Father’s last sales job– It says “From the Desk of Jack Robertson.” My dad passed away but having this with me always inspires me, as my dad was the ultimate salesperson and every bit of who I am today.

2. Family photos of my Niece and Nephews – Family is the most important part of my life.

3. Coffee Cup from The University of Michigan– It goes everywhere with me and reminds me daily of my team values and work ethic.

4. Desk Calendar / Rolodex – This is my original one from 1990 when I started in the Mortgage Business. This is my connection to keeping things as old school.

5. Desktop phone – Today too many people forget to talk to each other, instead sending emails, or text messages which can be very impersonal.