Haute Ambassador: Accessories 101 With Lea Black

My love of fashion and collection of designers has always been accessories. I value the design of clothing, haute couture and the collections but my real passion for collecting has always been accessories. Accessories are my weakness and it is no secret that I love to collect Hermes bags and fine jewelry and fashion jewelry. My obsession with accessories has even inspired me to create my own collection of After Five Handbags and

213348705jewelry. When it comes to accessories I prefer to go for pieces that are unique, and that make a statement – I believe more is more!

I collect costume jewelry and invest in pieces of fine jewelry, pearls and jewelry that I believe is worth the cost for the value of the stones and the craftsmanship of the design and setting, and if it has a designer name and or pedigree – even better! A lot of my followers ask me, from my vast collection, if I have any favorite pieces of jewelry or handbags I could never consider parting with and why I love them so much, so here is one I decided to share with you.

214292611My favorite piece of costume jewelry I own is the Twinklestar Cuff White. This is a “gem” of an accessory I discovered and I love the size of this cuff, the white pebble leather finish is perfect for day or evening and the gold, diamante trim lends an elegance that can make a statement by itself or upgrade any style of outfit with a combination of other gold or silver accessories. And the price is a steal – $95! I loved it so much I added it to my personal collection available through my website, www.theworldofleablack.com