Roka Akor is Offering Guests a Rare Opportunity


Ever dream of tasting the highest quality meat available in the world? Then head to Roka Akor now. The Japanese steak and sushi restaurant in the heart of River North (456 North Clark) just received A5-11 grade Japanese Wagyu, the highest quality beef commercially available. On a recent trip to Japan, Roka Akor’s Executive Chef came across a particular cow that he knew had to be very rare based on his years of experience. When an analyst confirmed his intuition and certified the Miyazaki Gyu beef as A5-11 grade (the highest quality being A5-12) he knew this was a rare opportunity and had to bring it back to the restaurant for his guests to experience.

“Considering A5 Wagyu is even rare in Japan, the possibility of finding A5 that has a BMS (beef marbling standard) of 11 out of 12 is nearly impossible,” says Executive Chef Ce Bian. “When I saw the consistency of the marbling throughout the cow while at Miyazaki Gyu I knew it had to be special.”

To celebrate, Roka Akor Chicago is offering a special, decadent Omakase menu featuring two courses with the A5-11 Wagyu available for $180 per person (excluding alcohol, tax and gratuity) with optional wine pairings for an additional cost. The restaurant will also be serving the meat a la carte and it will range between $18/ounce to $35/ounce depending on the cut. Due to the richness of the beef, Chef Ce Bian does not recommend more than four ounces per person. Available cuts include, Tenderloin, Ribeye, Strip, Zabuton and Rump. The A5-11 Wagyu has been available since Monday, March 31 and is available while quantities last. The Old Orchard location will also be receiving a small amount.

For reservations or more information please call 312-477-7652 (River North), 847-329-7650 (Old Orchard)or visit

Via Roka Akor PR/Isabelli