Dining with Deborah: Experience New York’s Most Luxurious Brunch (Limited Time Only) at Saks Fifth Avenue

03 golden eggs
New York’s newest and most lavish brunch can be found on the eighth floor of the iconic Saks Fifth Avenue flagship. Like the department store itself, the newly renovated Café SFA is a reflection of today’s ever-evolving luxury space.

For a limited time only, Chef Alex Reyes’ specialty brunch set, a tribute to fashion designer and business tycoon Jon Koon’s Faberge egg entitled “The Golden Child”, is offered off-menu to fashionistas in the know. No surprise here. What other way would one serve a dish made for the man behind Private Stock, the ultra exclusive menswear line reserved for only Fashion insiders?

The dish, “Golden Eggs” ($28), is a stacked a garden pea mille-feulle, bottarga, farm fresh perfectly poached egg topped with black caviar and gold leaf. There’s a cocktail to go with it; The “Faberge Fizz” ($14) is a refreshing grapefruit juice, green Chartreuse, lime, mint leaves and egg-white concoction.

Koon’s artwork itself will be sold at Sotheby’s on April 22, 2014 to raise funds for Elephant Family and other non-profits.

About “The Golden Child:”

Two exquisite porcelain vases, historical artifacts from Chairman Mao Zedong’s collection, were first acquired. Both antiques were created and hand-painted by the Chairman’s head craftsman and represent one of the mostly culturally significant forms of Chinese art. The vases were then shattered. Every piece of the demolished vases was re-fractured following the natural break of the porcelain and uniquely shaped by its edges and curvature. In a two month-long process, each complex, puzzle-like piece was inlaid on the egg, which was gilded with 24K German double gold leaf. By matching the edges of irregular cracks, just enough to leave a golden lining glimmering through, a beautiful mosaic pattern emerged. The Jon Koon x Faberge Egg entitled “The Golden Child” is a mathematical illusion. While the final art piece appears as though the broken tessellations are reassembled, not one of the pieces is in its original position. The egg not only reflects the personality of Jon Koon and his aesthetic as an artist, but also shines a light on his culture and history through the use of existing traditional art, which he gives new form and perspective. “The Golden Child” egg embodies a melding of both the past and future, culture and art form.