Woody Creek Distillers’ Vodkas Earn Top Awards in Denver

Woody Creek Distillers

Woody Creek Distillers potato vodkas aren’t just top shelf, now they’re top of the podium too. The Roaring Fork Valley’s distillery took home two medals at the Denver International Spirits Competition over the weekend, earning gold for its premium Reserve Stobrawa Vodka, and silver for its Woody Creek Colorado 100 percent potato vodka.

The Stobrawa vodka is produced just once a year in limited quantities. Woody Creek Distillers is the only distillery in North America to use the Polish potato, known for its flavor complexity. The Woody Creek Colorado vodka is made from Colorado Rio Grande russet, Chepita and Lady Claire potatoes.

Grown on a family farm in Woody Creek, just eight miles from Aspen, the potatoes are sent eight miles to the company’s distillery in Basalt and processed the same day, going through a single-distillation process. 

The Woody Creek Distillery tasting room is open Tuesday through Saturday, 2 to 8 p.m.