Want $500 Per Inch Custom Kitchen Knives? Get In Line

Years ago when culinary aficionados wanted to add a bespoke Bob Kramer kitchen knife to their collection, they were forced to add their name to a long waiting list or shell out thousands to skip to the front. But now, there’s a way to (possibly) skip to the front of the line without cutting corners or breaking the bank.

Today, those interested in purchasing one of Kramer’s uniquely patterned Damascus blades need to enter their e-mail address into a lottery on his website, where winners will be chosen at random to purchase one of the bespoke blades. Each one-of-a-kind knife, created from a combination of American, German and Japanese steel, takes nearly a month to create. As result, customers are currently only able to purchase one custom creation and not everyone who enters their information will be able to secure a knife.

To create the knife, Kramer told Bloomberg that he folds, stretches and twists the metals like taffy at temperatures up to 2,400 degrees Fahrenheit before tempering them in a series of molten-salt baths. The result: 6,000 layers of shiny steel, plus the ability to slice vegetables so thin that you can read text through them!