Tibetan Mastiff Puppy Sells For $2 Million


How much is that doggy in the window? Seven figures.

According to a new report by the French news agency, AFP, a golden longhaired Tibetan mastiff puppy recently sold for an astounding $1.95 million at a premium pet fair in China. Though the breed has long been considered a status symbol among the country, this 31-inch, 200 pound pup supposedly has a special attribute that warrants the hefty price tag.

“They have lion’s blood and are top-of-the-range mastiff studs,” said breeder Zhang Gengyun, adding that the breed is often compared to “nationally treasured pandas.”

In 2011, an 11-month old dog named “Big Splash” sold for $1.5 million, setting a world record for the most expensive dog at the time. Thanks to this week’s impressive sale, the new title now belongs to a property developer who plans to breed the shaggy dog.