London’s first fast-casual Persian dining concept to open this spring

Ethiopian, Indian, Indonesian, Thai, Mexican, Malaysian… the capital serves up pretty much every cuisine imaginable but what it doesn’t have – to date – is a Persian place.


It’s tout change this April. dindin kitchen is set to open on Gray’s Road in Holborn and will offer an accessible introduction to Persian cuisine with a modern twist, to suit Western tastes.


The all-day menu will focus heavily on ‘grills’ – served as finished-to-order flatbread wraps –  soups, savoury soufflés and rice dishes based on age old recipes that have been brought up-to-date for today’s discerning palette.


Desserts will include a selection of pastries, ice-cream and sorbets (we’ve worked ourselves up into a labrador like lather over the prospect of a Persian Granita topped with morello cherries, citrus juice and rose water).


dindin kitchen is a labour of love for founder and director, Vida Tayebi, who has been working on the project for some time. A proud Persian herself, she has a passion for the food and culture of her heritage. Having left behind a successful career in the City, dindin kitchen is not only a business opportunity for Vida, but also a chance for her to act as an ambassador and champion of Persian cuisine.

“The concept is an entirely new and original idea, though in essence it is very simple: to popularise, and make available, a modern version of Persian cuisine which has been evolving over thousands of years. We are going to bring Persian food up to date by adapting authentic recipes to fit a Western palate and environment,” says Vida.


Roll on April.