Lincoln Hosts ‘Designing Luxury’ Event With Miami’s Top Architects


To demonstrate their passion for design, Lincoln got together a group of Miami’s best architects together for a panel discussion at the Miami Center for Architecture & Design. Architects, including Rene Gonzalez, and Bernard Zyscovich, discussed the similarities between luxury auto design and high-end architecture. “With any product or experience, the world of luxury design follows basic, yet vital, tenets,” said panelist David Woodhouse, director of Lincoln design. “Both luxury automobile designers and designers of high-end buildings need their creations to meet all the necessary functional requirements, but elevate the execution in a way that speaks to people’s aspirations, taps into their dreams and helps them stand apart from the crowd.”

The goal of luxury automobile designers is to create a sense of occasion each time the highly discerning driver gets behind the wheel. Architects of high-end buildings are challenged to achieve the same goal. Each discipline incorporates proportion, volume, sculpture, form, materials, graphics and space to provide unique luxury experiences that touch all the senses. One place Lincoln dealerships are touching all the senses is China, where they recently launched the brand in high-luxury settings to a very, very receptive audience of posh shoppers. Meanwhile the American audience is eagerly awaiting mid-summer release of the crossover SUV, the MKC.