Celebs Love Sugarfina and FYI They Deliver Across the USA

According to Julie Roberts of Roberts and Tilton Gallery in Los Angeles “there is no candy I have ever tasted like this. The explosion of flavor after flavor, layer after layer is like nothing I have everexperienced before.”


While in New York for the Armory Art Fair, I delivered Sugarfina to my friends who were working the fair, and servicing their A-list, Blue-Chip clients. I know sugar never hurt anybody….So I assisted in satiating a sweet craving.  Since I delivered this box of what I thought were simply gummies I have not heard the end of it….. pertaining to gratitude, of course!

zen candy

Not only does Julie Roberts LOVE Sugarfina,, so do our Haute celebrity friends that include Sofia Vergara, Reese Witherspoon, Katherine McPhee and Lucy Hale. In fact, Reese Witherspoon was actually spotted in the LA boutique last Friday.

creative candy

Some more sweet news, Sugarfina delivers across the USA, so for gifts, this is an easy, sweet and haute choice!

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