Ballgames At Marlins Park Just Got Manlier With The Opening Of 100 Fires Cigars


Marlins Park is still finding itself while looking for its audience. Lucky for them, a new piece of the puzzle has just come into play: cigars. Part of Cuban culture, cigars are big in Miami, too, so the addition of 100 Fires Cigars in Marlins Park Courtyard just might draw a new crowd of old- and new-school cigar lovers.

For tonight’s grand opening, 100 Fires Cigars is partnering with Camacho Cigars, a bold cigar made form Cuban seeds. There will be a few other things that appeal to men, as well, including The Macallan Scotch, beer, barbeque and, supposedly, “babes!”

Frank Martinez, owner of 100 Fires Cigars, explains why he chose Marlins Park as the location for the third 100 Fires store: “We opened 100 Fires Cigars at Marlins Park to appeal to those seeking the quintessential Miami experience at a landmark location. Marlins Park is in Little Havana, a neighborhood steeped in the rich folklore of Cuban tradition, and smoking a puro, or cigar, is every bit a part of that rich history.”

Martinez’s family produced cigars back in the 1920s in Vinales Valley and named the cigar company after the Cienfuegos, Cuba, which means, quite literally, 100 fires.  “In partnership with Camacho Cigars, our grand opening during the Marlins baseball season opener on March 31st will offer fans an experience authentic to the destination — big flavor and unashamed indulgence at every turn.” So now both barbeque and cigar lovers have a new reason to go to Marlins Park.