André Saraiva Created Limited Edition Print for Free Arts NYC

André Saraiva is a Swedish-Portuguese graffiti artist who lives and works between Paris and New York. He started working as an artist in 1985 and his main character is easily recognizable, usually wearing a top hat with a “x” over one of the eyes. A staple in the Parisian graffiti art scene, Saraiva’s work stands out for his use of the color pink, which symbolizes joy, life, and poetry to his style.

Saraiva recently created a special limited edition print entitled “Mr. A” for Free Arts NYC. The prints are individually hand touched/splattered and are signed by the artist himself. Free Arts NYC’s mission is to help children and their families to foster self-confidence and resiliency through the arts. Educational arts and mentoring programs allow children to express themselves and let their imagination and creativity run wild. The Free Arts NYC team gives support to children from early childhood to teenage years.

On April 30th, Free Arts NYC Annual Art Auction will be celebrating artist Scott Campbell supported by Marc Jacobs. Hosted by Jacobs & Robert Duffy, the charity auction will take place at the Garage and auctioneer will be Alexander Gilkes.

Photo credit: Free Arts NYC