Wine Wednesdays at Lockwood


After having my first ever “afternoon tea” at Lockwood, I will never ever doubt the greatness of anything that comes from that place. That’s why when I learned about this new Wine Wednesday, I knew it would be done in a way that would set it apart from other wine tastings. Mostly because you do not just taste wine, you get to taste wine WITH the maker of the wine. As the cold winds continue to sweep the city, what better way to spend a Wednesday evening than to step into the beautiful, historic Palmer House Hilton, and experience this wine journey that’slike no other. On the last Wednesday of every month, Lockwood Restaurant & Bar is delighted to offer the rare chance to meet with, and experience different regional Wine Maker’s passion and knowledge of their craft.

Tickets are $25 per attendee and include a wine tasting along with Chef Joseph Rose’s selected accompaniments. If you wish to continue your experience with the Wine Maker, Chef Rose will create an exclusive menu for your wine dinner after the class.

These unique classes begin with Michael Pozzan Winery, of the Napa Valley region, tonight (Wednesday, February 26, at 7 p.). Taste his Italian legacy and enjoy, according to Pozzan, “Good food and good wine is the recipe for good times.”

Via Lockwood/Wagstaff