Try Plastic Surgery Before You Buy It? Yes, at the Miami Institute, Of Course!

What is more chic than telling a friend “oh, I have a doctors appointment at the Four Seasons?” Not much, according to me! Well, that is exactly where I ended up last week, at the Four Seasons Hotel and Residences on Brickell Avenue, as I had a meeting at the Miami Institute for Age Management with Plastic’s master Dr. Phillip Craft, where we were set to discuss how to maintain youth (and of course, to freeze my very expressive forehead). According to Dr. Craft “most girls aren’t doing anything. They barely have time to wash their face, nourishing etc. I have to say, especially in Miami, sunscreen is so important.” So aside from sunscreen and Botox to, what to do for that Haute young woman to stay young, Miami Institute style? Craft also recommends “Retin A, as it is good to use every night for rejuvenating and it increases the turnover of skin, taking away outer skin, like a dermabrasion. I also recommend Botox to prevent permanency of wrinkles, at fifty if you do it every six months now, you will look the same as you do now.” Ladies! Sign me up!

post botox consult
Post Botox Consulting With Dr. Craft, Discussing Youth and Pre-Vectra Screening of My Body.

Dr. Craft wants his patients to look natural, so much to the point that after my injections he insisted I see their newest machine called Vectra. Vectra is basically this innovative machine, a modern, live, photoshop, that allows you to ‘try before you buy’ plastic surgery. I went in for Botox, and walked out seeing what I would look like with implants and a tiny amount of liposuction. This is not the experience where you hold an implant to your chest and guess what it will look like, but you can actually see the results before the surgery. Confused? So here is how it works. You undress. A technician photographs your upper body, than your lower body. Then, in comes the doctor. With a touch of a screen that loads the image of your body, basically showing every pore, he clicks on some magic numbers and you can see the cc’s of your choice on your body with your face and it even goes the point of showing the minimal scarring, and where it would be. For a patient who would be curious as to size, shape and result, and a nip and tuck before and after, Vectra is your new best friend. Cr. Craft tells Haute readers “Vectra, this machine is revolutionary. Before if you wanted breasts to be bigger, I would have to hold implants where as with this machine, the algorhythms and you can actually see it without ten seconds. What I have seen with breast lifts and augmentations, it is almost the exact same as the computer. You can show the girls what lifting breasts will look like with scarring too. It helps you educate them, and explain via vision.”

Vectra, Before and After, with a Super Imposed Bikini Top to Show The Realistic Look, hence “Try Before You Buy.”

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